We allow a law firm to use the services of a very experienced transactional lawyer and project manager without having to recruit.


Your business can use the services of a senior lawyer without the cost of having to engage a law firm and without having to employ an in house counsel.


We are extremely flexible on fee arrangements. While we will adopt agreed hourly rates where appropriate, it is much more usual to agree a fee arrangement based on a project or transactional basis. That ultimately delivers total cost certainty.


Cerium Legal is genuinely independent of any law firm. We have no ties to a particular firm, so can and do work with many firms.


We genuinely understand that clients need the commercial application of legal expertise. Too often lawyers believe being "commercial" involves ignoring the law. We believe it takes extensive knowledge of the law to be able to apply it in a commercial way. We have that expertise. We pride ourselves on being able to analyse complex issues and present them in an understandable way.

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